My name is Claudia, I live in Puerto Rico(hablo español,es mi lengua nativa) I love films,books,writting,ballet,music and i have a recent obssesion with everything vintage(well not everthing, i dont like the furniture)anyways my favorite movies are sweeney todd,harry potter,star wars,x-men,valkarie,atonement,slumdog millionare,the other boleyn girl,titanic,who's afraid of virginia woolf?,the wizard of oz,casablanca and way too many too keep counting...i like green day,paramore,the beatles,jefferson airplane,motley crue,papa roach,my chemical romance,avenged sevenfold,britney spears,LADY GAGA and i honetsly dont know what else to write...yeah that's basically it(i LOVE strawberries).

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  • 2 August 2012
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